Bangladesh is one of the countries in South Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal to the south, mostly surrounded by India and bordering Myanmar in the southeast. It has a delicate and distinctive attraction of its own to offer. And it is definitely not a tourist huntress like Nepal or India. Bangladesh is like a painting of dreamland with a rich tapestry of colors and texture.

FishingIt's a land of enormous beauty, hundreds of serpentine rivers, crystal clear water lakes surrounded by green hills, rain forests, beautiful waterfall, ever green tea gardens, Sundarbans as a home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the wild lives, warbling of birds in green trees and world's largest mangrove forest preserved as World Heritage, world's longest sea beach, wind in the paddy fields, abundance of sunshine, rich cultural heritage, relics of ancient Buddhist civilizations and colorful tribal lives – all creates Bangladesh as an unforgettable impression of a land of peace.

Bangladesh is subdivided into 7 divisions. These are:

Dhaka Division:
The Dhaka Division covers much of middle Bangladesh. The main city of this division is Dhaka which is the capital city of Bangladesh. This fascinating city is filled with history and culture. A colorful, bustling city, Dhaka is home to such attractions as Botanical garden, Zoo, Museum, Shaheed Minar, National Mosque Baitul Mukarram, Dhakeshwari Temple, The University of Dhaka, Lal Bagh Fort, Ramna Park, Jatiyo Songshad Bhaban and more. Known as the “city of mosques”, you won’t want to miss out on the vibrant city of Dhaka.

Chittagong Division:
The Chittagong Division covers much of southern Bangladesh. Chittagong is the main city in this division and is known as the country’s main seaport. There are many natural attractions in the area that are the renowned Foy’s Lake, Shrine of Bayazid Bostami, the World War II Cemetery, the Court Building, the Ethnological Museum, and Patenga Beach.

Sylhet Division:
The Sylhet Division, with the main city of Sylhet, is best known for its production of exceptional tea. Many religious places are found here and thus it is considered holy by both Hindus and Muslims. Be sure to stop off at the following attractions in Sylhet - Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Gour Gobinda Fort, Osmani Museum, Tilagorh Eco Park, Monipuri Para, Jaflong, Madhabkunda Waterfall, Jointapur’s Rajbari and Shahi Eidgah.

Rajshahi Division:
The Rajshahi Division is located in the north west of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is the main city. In this area you will find Shona Mosque, Dighapatia Palace, Mohasthangar, Sompur Bihar, the Varendra Research Museum and Chalan Beel, the largest water body in Bangladesh.

Khulna Division:
The Khulna Division is located in the south west, lying in the Ganges Delta. Its main city located on the Rupsha River is Khulna, where you will find the Khan Jahan Ali Bridge, Mongla Port and Shat Gambuj Mosque. Khulna is well known as a producer of shrimp. You can also visit a beautiful island, Dublar Char where herds of spotted deer are often seen to graze.

Barisal Division:
Also lying in the Ganges Delta is the Barisal Division which is famous for Paddy growing and many rivers. Its main city is Barisal which is famous for gardens of coconut trees. There are many fine activities and attractions to occupy visitors. You can visit Durga Sagar, Bell’s Park, and Kuakata beach.

Rangpur Division:
Rangpur division is the northernmost division of Bangladesh. It has been created with greater Rangur and Dinajpur regions. The major cities in the division includes Rangpur, Dinajpur and Saidpur. The city of Saidpur has the only airport in the division and it takes only 30-40 minutes to communicate with the capital city, Dhaka. There are excellent rail and road communication infrastructure. So, you can visit Ramsagar National Park, Shopnopuri artificial amusement park, Kantaji Temple, Pairabondh-the birth place of famous Muslim woman writer Begum Rokeya and etc.

Indeed, the destinations in Bangladesh have much to offer and you'll appreciate our culture and the environment. These are not simply sight-seeing excursions, but real-time learning experiences. Enjoy an ideal blend of adventure and exploration with comfort and relaxation. Here you find that you are not alone. You always feel that any place in Bangladesh is a home away from home. You will certainly return home with many fond memories.


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